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Dear Editor:

When you get a chance, read “Three Hate Filled Crimes in 72 hours” a CNN article.

The church in Jeffersontown, Ky., that the shooter tried to enter was our church when we lived in Louisville. It is a large Black congregation church in the White Louisville suburbs (the only one of its kind there). I am not surprised that the shooter went there first. Thank God he didn’t get in.

The Black man who was killed at the nearby Kroger was with his young grandson (how horrible) and my sister is friends with his adult daughter.

In Pittsburgh, we are saddened to indirectly know at least two victims; both brothers of Michele Rosenthal were killed in that shooting. Michele was assistant PR for the Steelers for several years. We would see her occasionally because she left to do PR work for a former player.

When President Obama was in the White House he advocated for diversity, unity, respect, love and compassion. President #45 campaigned on division, segregation, White supremacy and hate. He has doubled down on those ideals since occupying the White House. His soldiers are receiving marching orders and wreaking havoc, destruction and murder all across the country. I know he will never accept any responsibility for this hate which has festered and is now spreading like wildfire, but responsibility falls squarely on his shoulders.

As Christians we are commanded to love God and then love each other…So the question now is, how do we put out the fires of hate and reignite the message of Love?

Joy Maxberry Woodruff



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