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Sorry to hear that Melania trump was in the hospital having emergency surgery on her kidney. I hope she gets well soon.

I was not surprised, though, to learn that her husband was not by her side for the surgery, and when she needed him most. Apparently her friends were “blind-sided”. Frankly, I am not sure why. You would think that they would know what type of man their friend married by now.

Fellows, I am not sure about you, but I can’t imagine my wife going in for surgery where she will be put to sleep and I am not there. The Mrs. would never forgive me, and I wouldn’t blame her if she didn’t.

But hey, this is Donald trump we are talking about. This man thinks of nothing but himself. I suspect that only his daughter, Ivanka (with whom he has a sick obsession) has a shot of being of any importance to him. And I am pretty sure that he would take the last life-vest if they were the only two people left on a sinking ship.

Finally, we are now in day five of trump’s White House refusing to apologize to the McCain family for what was said about the man at an internal meeting.

Make no mistake, this is all about the leader of that deplorable crew and his unwillingness to apologize for some of the most reprehensible things that he has said and done in the past. His White House is more concerned about the leak itself than what was actually said.

He perpetrated a racist lie for years about the former president and refused to apologize to him or his family, and only grudgingly admitted that he was wrong for political expediency. So if I was a member of the McCain family I would not hold my breath.


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