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Local TV anchors called out Stacey Abrams for not personally responding to the controversy

CBS Anchor Shon Gable: “[The Abrams campaign] addressed it by saying that ‘we will continue to run a positive campaign,’ so apparently they think this is positive.”

CBS Anchor Sharon Reed: “[Abrams is] running the campaign she wants to run with tunnel vision right? Skipped the debate, but went up to Harvard, right? And Georgia’s down here.”

Stacey Abrams confirmed attendance — but then skipped — a debate hosted by Delta Sigma Theta sorority, Zeta Phi Beta sorority, Omega Psi Phi fraternity, and the Greater Metropolitan Atlanta Chapter of Jack and Jill.

CBS Anchor Tracye Hutchins: “And now [Abrams’] name is in it, so you do have to address it. You have to come out and say, ‘We don’t endorse this. We don’t condone this.”

The Tweet attacked the Georgia Federation of Teachers, which endorsed Stacey Evans.

“It was really mean-spirited, hateful and it is indicative of what we’ll get when we allow people to — for lack of a better word – bully. They were saying to me that the Georgia Federation of Teachers is an Uncle Tom, and ‘I dare you to do this’.”

— Verdaillia Turner, president of Georgia’s Federation of Teachers

In an official response, the Abrams campaign highlights its endorsement from the Georgia Association of Educators, but GAE has not yet responded to the controversy.

New tonight at 9, a nasty disparaging Tweet, and it’s got racist overtones too.     It shows just how ugly the race for governor is starting to get.    CBS 46 anchor Shon Gables joins us now with more on this and Shon, the controversial  Tweet apparently was posted by a top aide to the Democratic contender. This is Stacy  Abrams we’re talking about here.    Stacey Abrams did not post the controversial Tweet, but a person from her camp did. And  we have certainly, we checked that post has been deleted, but we got a copy of it and  includes a picture of a monkey with big lips and some very angry words targeted at leaders  of a teacher’s union.     “It’s really mean spirited, hateful, and it’s indicative of what we have in store for us when we  allow people to, for lack of a better word, bully.”    Verdaillia Turner, President of Georgia’s Federation of Teachers is shocked at this social  media post made by a top aide to Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams.     “And they were saying to me, the Georgia Federation of Teachers is an Uncle Tom, and I  dare you to do this.”    Abrams who is running to become the first black governor of Georgia was not endorsed by  the GFT.     The union instead opted to support the other Stacy in the race, Stacey Evans, a white  female, a decision that apparently upset Abrams’ top staffer and campaign finance  manager who calls herself online, “Tyler in the Know.”    “Well if the public knew about the Tweet, then they would start to look at character of the  campaign.”

The Tweet posted on Chelsea Hall’s social media page, aka “Tyler in the Know,” states she’s  “confused by endorsements before, but this takes the cake by the GA Federation of  Teachers.”    It also includes a photo of a monkey with big lips.    The Union president Verdaillia Turner claims Abrams campaign antics gets worse.     “One of the ministers whom I respect in another city in Georgia called me — right behind  that symbol, the effigy — and told me that he was getting bombarded with calls from the  Abrams campaign, a particular legislator, saying, ‘You mean to tell me you’re going to  support a white woman over a black woman?’”    CBS 46 attempted several times to get a response from Stacy Abrams, Chelsea Hall, and  Abram staffers. All interviews were declined but Abram’s Director of Communications  provided this statement saying, quote, “It is unfortunate that GFT is falsely accusing the  Abrams campaign of engaging in these tactics. We will continue to focus on running a  positive campaign.”    Priyanka Mantha also added the Abrams campaign was proud to have received the  endorsement of another teachers union: Georgia’s Association of Educators.    But Turner claims it still hasn’t stopped the mudslinging.     “It shows how desperate people become when they want something so desperately. And  my heart sank.”    We did contact Stacy Evans campaign, the white candidate running for Georgia’s Governor  about her thoughts on the social media post. The spokesperson told us, the post speaks for  itself.     And Sharon and I can tell you that the Georgia Federation of Teachers is asking the Abrams  camp to make a public apology, but so far, they have made no comment and Chelsea Hall  remains on staff.    If you want to be the Chief Executive Officer of the great state of Georgia, don’t you have to  say something?     I understand that you’re saying Stacey Abrams did not post this but …     She did not post it, I want to make that clear, but her top finance person …     I don’t know that it matters after a minute, OK?

At least say something,     This person works for you, right?    Is this person still working there?    She still works there, I guess. And at this point, they’ve made no comment. They just said  that, you know, we….     They didn’t address it!    They addressed it by saying that we will continue to run a positive campaign, so apparently  they think this is positive.     Yeah, and now her name is in it, so you do have to address it. You have to come out and  say, “Well, you don’t endorse this. We don’t condone this. But they’re saying, it speaks for  itself.”    You know, we’re gonna post it on our Facebook page and let the viewers sound off on this  because I thought it was interesting. I tried aggressively to get Stacy Abrams to talk, and her  campaign person says that we’re gonna make the statement and they said what they did.    She’s running the campaign, she wants to run with tunnel vision right?     Skip the debate, but went up to Harvard, right? And Georgia’s down here.    But listen, this is something that’s gotta be … listen… we can’t let go of it because we have …    Well we have another story on Thursday.    Thank you, Shon.

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