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Earlier this year Omarosa was the subject matter of this column. Well, she is back and it’s not good. You may remember that last time I spoke of “O” she had signed her name as “The Honorable Omarosa”—according to many sources you are never to address yourself as the honorable, others can address you as that but you do not sign your name as such. I don’t think she is going to have to worry about signing her name on White House stationary much longer. In case you missed it, Omarosa Manigault Newman is history. There seems to be some confusion as to how her exit went down but what we do know is that she is out.

During her appearance on “Good Morning America,” Manigault Newman denied she was fired and says she resigned. Somehow I don’t believe that is what happened. This White House gig is the first real job that she has had in a while. Her other sources of income were feature roles on reality television shows. Just so you know, those are acting jobs. There are actually agents that place people in reality television shows and “O” had become pretty good at getting cast on reality TV. So when the person who hosted her first reality show got his first real job he brought her along for the ride. I think her role was all for appearances and if she had played by the script I would be writing about something else, like cheese. Yes cheese, I have some things I want to share with you about cheese, but that will have to wait until next week.

Omarosa got to Pennsylvania Avenue and thought she really had a job to do. People are still wondering what did she really do short of a photo op here and there. Prior to getting married she appeared on “Say Yes to the Dress” and then after the wedding she took her wedding party to the White House grounds for photos. Reportedly she was allowed to take the pictures but only in one area, it has been reported she overstepped the boundaries. And then O was put on a so-called “no-fly list” that Chief of Staff John Kelly is keeping of White House aides he deems unfit to attend serious meetings. Hers is the most prominent name on the list according to The New York Times report which describes her as a former “Apprentice” star with an ill-defined job in the White House. The paper reported that Manigault Newman’s penchant for dropping into meetings to which she was not invited is what landed her on the no-fly list. I wonder why she had time to drop into meetings—perhaps, she had nothing to do. She did attend the opening of the museum in Mississippi along with U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson. I guess they were the most likely Blacks to attend.

Omarosa is now free to write a book or appear on another reality show. As for “The White House Reality TV Show…” Omarosa, you’re fired.

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