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TWEET METhe president of the United States retweeted something that was originally posted on what is the equivalent to a KKK website in Britain, and he got mad at the British Prime Minister for calling him out on it. I need every American to think about that for a minute.

He has also been telling people that he still believes  Barack Obama was not born in this country, and that he (trump) made a mistake by apologizing for spreading his racist lie for years.

And people like Lindsey Graham (who himself called the president a kook) wonder why we are questioning his sanity.

These are interesting and scary times. It’s when a racist White House can boldly and shamelessly flaunt their racism for all of us to see. They have given up on trying to pretend that they are not a  more powerful version of of their white nationalist brothers and sisters, who play weekend war games in rural America and hide behind their sheets.

Speaking of racism, check out this story:

“CHICAGO – Outside a West Side medical clinic late last summer, a fed-up Tyler Lumar told Chicago police he’d had enough.

Officers were called to the East Garfield Park clinic after Lumar, a 22-year-old with asthma there for a first visit after his longtime doctor died, yelled and allegedly threatened a physician who refused to refill his cough medicine prescription, then tossed papers on the floor and said he would come back and shoot the place up, according to a police report.

“I’m so tired of racism, bro,” Lumar said outside the clinic, according to a Chicago police squad car dashcam recording of the encounter, alleging the incident began when the doctor accused Lumar, who has no criminal record, of reselling his prescription drugs. “That’s racial profiling. I don’t gangbang, I went to Oak Park and River Forest (High School). I played baseball.”

Police let Lumar go without charges, but moments later the same officers stopped him as he walked down Madison Street, records show. They arrested him because a western Illinois county had issued a warrant over an overdue $25 payment in a misdemeanor traffic case but had failed to remove the warrant when Lumar paid up.

Less than 24 hours later, the father of one attempted to hang himself in a Harrison District police holding cell, police said. As a result, he’s suffered massive brain injuries and can no longer move or speak; he’s spent the past year on life support, racking up medical bills of about $2 million.

Meantime, his family has tried to determine why he was kept locked up overnight on a low-level warrant even though he had the cash, according to an arrest report, to bail himself out. They have filed a federal lawsuit alleging Lumar was wrongfully detained and that Chicago police failed to check on him every 15 minutes in his cell – even falsifying the inspection logs, a record-keeping breach the lawsuit says is a common police practice in Chicago.

“My son never should’ve been there (in a police lockup),” his mother, Lisa Alcorn, a Verizon Wireless training manager from River Forest, said in an interview as tears streamed down her face.

The case is not only another example of the city’s and county’s alleged failure to keep nonviolent offenders from languishing in jails – an issue experts say disproportionately affects the poor and minorities – but also highlights the tightrope that defendants walk even in misdemeanor cases, where a slightly late payment can land someone in jail.

Lumar’s longtime girlfriend, Casey Tecate, 23, who once thought of becoming a cop herself, said “it definitely is scary; it goes to show it could literally happen to anybody. I feel like they, meaning the police, just don’t … look at certain people as people. They’re just like ‘Oh (this is) some person from the West Side of Chicago.’ They weren’t looking at him as Tyler Lumar: a dad, a brother, a son.”

She spends part of most days in a Des Plaines rehab hospital with the now 23-year-old man she had planned to marry. Sometimes Tecate brings their daughter, Savannah, now 4.

Alcorn, who visits her son after work, said she hopes the lawsuit will not only help the family pay for Lumar’s medical care but change how Chicago police treat those they arrest. “In Chicago, you should be scared for your son,” she said. [More]

And there is this one:

“A Mississippi police officer who was suspended for racially bigoted social media posts earlier this year was put on leave after killing a black man once he returned to active duty.

Columbus Police Department (“CPD”) Patrolman Jared Booth was given a 28-day suspension in June after the Columbus city council voted 4-1 against him on the basis of those posts.

One of the posts is said to be sexually explicit–featuring a female CPD officer, an image of a sex toy and a reference to oral sex. Another post used a racial slur–a common derivation or permutation of the N-word.

A third post was homophobic in nature and directed toward a different, former officer with the CPD who later filed a wrongful termination suit against the department.

One of those posts was made on April 18, while another made its way to Facebook the day after.

Columbus’ social media policy forbids city employees from posting content that is “malicious, obscene, threatening or intimidating, that disparages co-employees, suppliers or that might constitute harassment or bullying.”

Earlier this month, on November 4, Booth responded to a disturbance call outside of a nightclub. That call, alleged disturbance, and night ended in the shooting death of 24-year-old Raymond Davis, who is black. Booth was the officer who fired the fatal shots.

Immediately after the shooting, Columbus city officials insisted that Davis was holding a gun. Columbus Mayor Robert Smith even went so far as to state, “We know for a fact the gun wasn’t planted.” He continued:

Officer Booth did activate his camera at the time he received the call of a disturbance at the Premier Lounge…The entire incident was captured on body camera. It is early in the investigation and I am not allowed to go through the entire incident at this time. But I will say the video shows Raymond Davis with a gun in his hand at the time of the shooting.

Police Chief Oscar Lewis was pressed on whether Booth’s prior Facebook posts would factor into any investigation over his lethal use of force. He said, “I think they are two different incidents, and I think the first incident has been addressed.”

A crowded vigil held the day after Davis’ death featured his children holding a sign directed at Booth which read, “You Killed Our Dad.”’ [Source]

This is Donald trump’s America. Y’all better stay woke.


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