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(TriceEdneyWire.com)–By now you know I look forward to the weekly opportunity of sharing my opinions with my readers.  I pray that they offer helpful, thought-provoking, and uplifting ideas.

For several months, we have mostly had dreadful events about which to write.  The worst have been about #45’s dangerous, embarrassing and unworthy antics.  Well, I have decided to give my readers a break.  This week, I will share some noteworthy, positive deeds and actions.

I recently read that Google gave one million dollars to increase the presence of Black males in technology.  According to the writer, Samara Lynn, “Students are five times more likely to take an interest in computer science if they often see people who look like them in that field…” Lynn reported that Google’s foundation made this award to the Hidden Genius Project, an Oakland, Calif. based organization which does just that.  Google is to be commended!  More companies should take a lesson from Google’s enlightened example.

Good deeds are not exclusive to wealthy corporations.  Students at Spelman and Morehouse Colleges went on a hunger strike to call attention to the problem of hunger on college campuses.  It may not be obvious to many, but the expense of college often causes less-affluent students to sacrifice meals in order to pay fees.  A dozen students decided something could be done and used their hunger strike to influence meal providers to allow students to donate their unused, prepaid meals to needy classmates.

Although the Spelman-Morehouse project mirrors Swipe Out Hunger, a program at the University of California, it’s an important and thoughtful initiative.  Mary-Pat Hector, a Spelman student states, “By introducing a Swipe Out Hunger program at Spelman and Morehouse, we would directly impact student hunger and homelessness while in College.”  It sounds like several Spelman and Morehouse students have adopted some of the activist principles of the late Dick Gregory.  We owe them our gratitude.

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