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:10—Neal! . . . What? . . . Yo Neal! . . . What? . . . Nealllll!!! . . . What mmmaaannn???  They’re            back! . . . Who’s back?  The Pittsburgh Steelers.  That’s who.  And I mean in a big way.  OK strange voice person coming from wherever you are.  And I have to agree when you talk about a 40-17 good ole fashion southern Tennessee butt whoopin. Now some of you will offer that it was just the Titans, but not only will I remind you that on any given Sunday, but the first half of that game had you wondering, admit it. I’d say once again they have found their groove and it ain’t Stella’s groove. It’s that Pittsburgh Steeler hard-nosed defense, heads up play, smooth offense, everybody contributes, let’s win a Super Bowl groove.

:09—Here’s to the boys from “The Lower End,” which is all about location, not status. Trust me when I tell ya, “The Lower End” was second to none. I know you’re waiting to hear who and where. Well, let’s take a panoramic view of “The Lower End” from left to right, starting with the Cook brothers, Robert and Samson. Samson onto the top level military academy, Rickie Merrit, aka “The Voice,” Cecil Tart, aka “The Godfather,” Dane Tart, aka “Mitt,” and one of the Valley’s greatest ever athletes (Just ask Ken Griffey Sr.), Ed Tart, aka “Seeall” (known him 50 years and don’t know why we call him that or how he spells it), but I know he could knock the cover off a ball, Homie, aka “The Author,” Dwayne Price, aka “Cool,” aka “Cuz,” Daniel Ellis, aka “Rock,” aka “The Mayor,” the Pearson brothers Mike, Tyrone and Junior, yours truly aka             “Billy Neal from the Hill–never work and never will,” Ronnie Towler, aka “Toes,” Francis Merrit, aka “The Quiet One,” Rodney Merrit, aka “Big Money,” and last but not least, Dwight Law, aka “Tight,” aka “The Guy Keeping it all Together!”  By now you know I’m talking about the lower end of Donora, down by the steel mills across from the railroad tracks. Most were athletes, some were performers, many were businessmen and yes a few were question marks,        but there was no better place to be or grow up than Meldon Avenue . . . The Lower End!” (FYI, so you don’t forget, don’t ever forget the total greatness of Donora, home of the Dragons and Champions, Judge Reggie Walton, Ken Griffey Sr., Malcolm Lomax, Dennis Lomax,      Bernie Galiffa, Timmy Stokes, Stan “The Man” Musial, “Decan Dan” Towler and Joe Montana . . . close enough!  Just to name a few.  (My apologies to those I may have missed, but if you know you were great, everybody knows you were great.)

:08—After two great home wins to start the season, the Duquesne Dukes fall to crosstown rivals   Robert Morris 66-59, on Nov. 19.  The Dukes were in it ‘til the end but RMU had a few more weapons at their service.

:07—Speaking of which, to the best of my knowledge, only one local player between both teams.  Matty McConnell. You know that name.

:06—Staying with the Duquesne thing another minute. Saw my good friends Pat Felix and Bruce Atkins at the game. You know about Atkins, the best of the best. Felix, a great player at Duquesne and the second-highest jumping White baller in Connie Hawkins League history. Second only to Rico Appendanza.

:05—If you’re dumb enough to steal anything in China, I might just leave you there. Really . . . in China?  And you’re in college at UCLA. C’mon man!

:04—This just in. The Boston Celtics are for real. And in case you haven’t noticed, the Cavs are struggling. And if you haven’t noticed further, there are no Lakers.

:03—I continued to be amazed at how many people, most of which have never played anything but hopscotch and checkers seem to know more than Coach Tomlin. All he does is eat, drink, and sleep football 24/7, you see them “2 hours” a week, but somehow you think you know more and better. Here’s a bulletin for ya, little Johnny . . . ya don’t!  So, sit it down, shut it up, and try to remember why you never made the football team in high school.

:02—Movie update ‘cause I know you love it and more importantly cause I know you need it. Thor…Waste of time. Two basketballs. Justice League . . . very good. Well done. Four basketballs. Sleeper movie of the year, LBJ.  Trust me on this, 4-1/2 basketballs!

:01—I’ve got to ask this one more time people. Where is O.J. Simpson and what have you done with him?


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