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Khalif and other demonstrators came to the office to demand updates on the status of the police-involved shooting of David Jones.

The case of David Jones’ shooting was turned over to the desk of Shapiro by interim Philadelphia District Attorney Kelley Hodge.

Last week after reaching out to the Attorney General’s office, spokesperson Joe Grace replied with an email stating, “this remains an ongoing investigation, and we can’t comment further at this time.”

The Attorney General’s office released a statement on Monday afternoon regarding Khalif’s arrest.

“After damaging a door and exhibiting unacceptable and threatening behavior in the Office of the Attorney General, Asa Khalif was arrested today,” the statement read. “Mr. Khalif and several others were demanding an immediate meeting regarding an open criminal investigation.”

The statement went on to say that Khalif and others arrived “unannounced” and that Shapiro was working in Harrisburg at the time of Khalif’s arrival.

A statement was released on behalf of Khalif by activist and journalist Christopher Norris.

“Asa Khalif and Ikey Raw, since David Jones was shot by Office Ryan Pownhall on June 8, have been continuously raising awareness about the shooting and the controversy surrounding it,” the statement read. “Today, when they visited the Philadelphia office of the Attorney General, because the case was handed off due to a still undisclosed conflict of interest, was no different.

“The two men sought answers and were denied,” the statement read. “And while they visited, a window pane was broken accidentally, but the public must question: was it institutional vandalism? Institutional vandalism is among the charges taped to Mr. Khalif’s name as a result of the Morning morning visit, but the video footage should make us question them.

“For example, Mr. Khalif is charged with defiant trespassing,” the statement continued. “But he was never told he was trespassing nor asked to leave. Also, how can a taxpayer trespass on public property? Secondly, Mr. Khalif is charged with resisting arrest, but upon his arrest (he wasn’t mirandized) by a man who didn’t identify himself, Mr. Khalif not only complied but stated ‘I’m not resisting.’ Mr. Khalif surely didn’t threaten anyone, nor was he in the position to inflict harm. The video, recorded by Ikey Raw, tells the true story. The rallying cry now should be #FreeAsa. And above all, the question we should be asking is: how much longer will the investigation into the June 8 shooting take?”

Khalif had not been released as of this report.

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