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“May God be w/ the people of Sutherland Springs, Texas. The FBI & law enforcement are on the scene. I am monitoring the situation from Japan,” Trump tweeted shortly after reports of the incident.”

Sorry Mr. trump, “God” didn’t help those dead people (twenty six by the latest count) in Sutherland Springs, Texas. They were in church , if God couldn’t help them there, it’s a safe bet that they are pretty much out of luck.

But you know what might be able to help the next poor victims of gun violence? More sensible gun laws. We say it every time there is one of these mass shootings in America, and we are starting to sound like one big broken record, but until politricksters show the political will to stand up to the NRA and the gun crazies in this country, there will be more to come.

A few days ago a terrorist killed eight people in New York with a car, and Mr. trump and his minions were calling for Muslim bans and extreme vetting of people who come to this country. He couldn’t wait to get political after that act of terrorism. Now we will hear that we shouldn’t be politicizing this latest tragedy, because it’s time for mourning and praying to “God” for the families. I think it’s safe to say that just praying to God is not enough. What we need  is real action along with getting our collective heads out of our asses.

I know that the technical definition of  terrorism is that when terror or fear is spread to achieve a political, religious or ideological goal, but try telling that to those people in that church today. I am sure that those poor survivors were terrified. So are the hardworking people in some of these crime ridden neighborhoods in large urban spaces like Philly. These people have to deal with little urban terrorist killing each other over turf and money on a daily basis. Terrorism takes many forms. and these politicians like the president should stop treating it differently depending on whether it suits their political agenda.

“A young man standing outside the hospital, his head bandaged and his right arm taped from where an IV had been put in, said he had been wounded in the shooting and that this father had been killed. His mother was in another hospital. He declined to talk but expressed faith that they would pull through with God’s help.”

Sorry young man, I think God wants us to fix this ourselves.

*Pic from startribune.com

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