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He still has a zillion dollars, and the ‘little black book’

:10—Once again I have to get many of you. Not all of you, but many of you to wake up and smell the touchdowns. Did Martavis Bryant do the right thing when he went all social media with his complaining? Clearly he only needed to pay attention to how that doesn’t help Trump to know that’s not a great move. But here’s the real deal. Ask yourself how many days are you going to practice and how many games are you gonna run up and down that field and not get the ball thrown your way? Look, I’m 6’5” I weigh 210 lbs. Throw me the damn ball no matter how many people are on me. I’ll win that battle 8 out of 10 times. I’m just sayin’!!!

:09—This just in. Your Pittsburgh Penquins are currently 7-5 and in second place in the metro division. Oh, didn’t know I knew what I know huh? Now run tell that.

:08—I don’t know. Maybe it’s me, but what the hell does Tiger Woods have to feel so bad about that he needs drugs and alcohol. I mean, really. You’ve got a zillion dollars. You’ll go down as arguably the best ever, second at worst, and I know you still got the “little black book.” C’mon, man!

:07—A couple things about the Dallas Cowboys. #1–And a lot of people don’t know this, but they’re my go-to team when the Steelers go down. Yeah, I said it! #2–I’m a little surprised they let someone wear Michael “The Playmaker” Irvin’s jersey number. Number “88” should be retired. I know it’s Dez Bryant, but even still. #3–Did Ezekiel Elliott commit a crime against a woman or not? Dude hasn’t missed a game and it started out as a six-game suspension. I’m just askin!!

:06—It’s really getting to be a little ridiculous. The New York Knicks stink, as do the Pacers, Orlando, Washington and most of the east. Is it that we will only always have Cleveland vs. whoever until LeBron retires? C’mon, NBA, start fixin’ the lottery like you used to.

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