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The recent hung jury in the Leon Ford case is terrible.

How in the world can six people justify the shooting of an unarmed male in a traffic stop in which they thought he was someone else?

At first I was shocked, but then I came to my senses and realized that Ford was a young Black male driving in America, where it has become open season, and instead of our president being concerned about these killings he’s more concerned with the flag, and Blacks taking a knee to protest the many shootings and injustices all over this country.

The Leon Ford incident happened in November 2012 in what was described as a traffic stop because Pittsburgh Police Officer Andrew Miller thought Ford was someone else. Pittsburgh Police Officer David Derbish was called to identify him. This information was in the New Pittsburgh Courier right after the incident.

Officers apparently thought Ford was Lamont Ford, a known gang member. Still, I don’t understand what would make the officer so afraid that he would shoot first. Ford, who was 19 at the time, was shot five times by Officer Derbish. Ford had no gun.

The reasoning given by the officers was that Ford, after stopping, took off again and Derbish jumped in the car and shot Ford. There are reports that Officer Derbish said he saw a bulge in Ford’s pocket he thought was a gun.

If Ford was driving the car it would make it pretty hard for him to steer the car, shift the gear into drive and shoot Officer Derbish.

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