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Even though it’s my opinion, take it as fact: Just as many Americans thought racism was headed out the door, Donald Trump was elected president.

His number one objective is to erase every major accomplishment achieved by President Obama during his eight years in office.

He has issued a record 56 Executive Orders thus far to Obama’s 26 in his effort to undo Obama’s achievements, with the latest one being an all-out effort to wreck the Affordable Care Act.

Not able to get the votes needed from the House and the Senate to repeal ACA, Trump has enacted an Executive Order which will defund the ACA in many states. So, instead of putting the people first and pushing to repair the parts of the ACA in states where there are problems, he’s trying to force the shutdown of the program, which will lead to millions of people being without insurance because they can’t afford it. That, of course, leads to pain, suffering and deaths. It also leads to great confusion because he hasn’t made it clear as to what you can and can’t do. Which he hopes leads to death of the ACA, yet neither he nor Congress has offered an affordable alternative. Which I repeat, will lead to millions being without insurance because they can’t afford it, and many more who have to struggle making payments on policies of upwards of $200 per month.

Just a week before, he issued an Executive Order dealing with the Dreamers (which are the estimated 800,000 children who came to this country with their parents illegally). These children—mostly adults now—have lived in this country all their lives and would be totally lost if sent back to the country they came from. I can understand criminals being deported but these people, for the most part, are hard-working, tax-paying people.

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