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I don’t know how the subject came up but I was just talking to a co-worker and we were going over the number of retail establishments that have disappeared. We began talking about Century III Mall and how impressed we were with it when it opened. It was large and had great stores. We talked about the stores that surrounded it and how most of them are no longer around. Our conversation then moved over to East Liberty and we reminisced about Sears on Highland Avenue. He is not old enough to remember the area where they sold hot dogs; it was right as you came in the door off of the parking lot. I used to go there with my father. He loved Sears and my mother seemed to hate it. I loved being with my father and I enjoyed the hot dogs with mustard, relish and onions.

That Sears has been long gone as well as the one on William Penn Highway. It looks like the one on William Penn Highway is going to be a storage building. My question is, why are there so many storage buildings? It looks like the old hotel that was right off of the Wilkinsburg exit is also going to be a storage building. I would think we could use a hotel in that area but we are getting a storage building instead.

Why do people have so much stuff? My co-worker and I determined if you have so much stuff that you need a storage unit that you never visit, you have too much stuff and with the number of stores that are going out of business people must be buying the stuff online. I can only imagine having a storage unit if I were in between houses. So why do people hold on to stuff that they have no room for? Reportedly a lot of people have moved from houses into apartments and they no longer have the luxury of storing items in an attic, basement or garage so they rent a storage unit. That storage unit then becomes a regular bill just like a gas bill or light bill or a car note. A lot of people never go to their storage units. I wonder if they even know what is in it.

I am also trying to figure out why girls want to be members of the Boy Scouts. I watched a news piece last week and one young lady said she wants to be an Eagle Scout like her brother; she wants to do the things he did to become an Eagle Scout. Well, just go and do the same things…why do you have to be a part of the Boy Scouts to accomplish them? Now girls can be Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts but there will be separate divisions. And according to that story that I watched last week, guess who is upset about girls joining the boy scouts? You guessed it, the Girl Scouts. They see this as competition for their membership.

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