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Image result for la david t. johnson special forces imageThe body of  25-year-old Sgt. La David T. Johnson laid rotting for 48 hours in the West African sun before it could be retrieved. He was one of four Special Forces troops ambushed and killed in Niger by terrorists in that region. He was a true American hero, who gave the ultimate sacrifice for a country that is still struggling with seeing others who look like him as equals.

Thankfully, the American government is investigating what happened to those soldiers. And I will not go all Benghazi  like the right-wingnuts did when president Obama was leading the nation, and scream Niger at every turn. I just hope that they get to the bottom of it so that it never happens again.

The president of the United States made no mention of this tragedy for days, and now we are learning that he did not even contact the families of these fallen heroes to console them and thank them for giving us their sons. Rather than thank them on behalf of a grateful nation, he was busy tweeting about the NFL and playing golf. Rather than meet the bodies of these fallen heroes at Dover, he was bragging about his golf game in the third person. 

To make matters worse, he lied about his predecessors  not calling the families who lost loved ones in battle, and  he singled out the man who occupies a space rent free in his head for a particularly egregious lie.  Fortunately he was fact checked in real time, and the nation got a chance to see first- hand what a duplicitous and deceitful president we elected.

Sadly, we have come to expect no less from Mr. trump, it just seems that every day he goes even lower than the day before.

Today he declared war on John McCain, a man who spent time as a prisoner of war and who was tortured while in captivity. Think about that for a minute; the man who found excuses not to serve is once again attacking a man who served honorably. We shouldn’t be surprised, though. This is a ma n who attacked a Gold Star mother for crying out loud.

To all you trump supporters out there, remember that the next time your leader questions the patriotism of some football players because they didn’t stand for the anthem.

Donald trump is a liar and a coward. He always was, and he always will be. Most of America now knows that. The thirty five percent of the American people who still support him cannot believe otherwise. So what is it then? Are they themselves so morally bankrupt that they refuse to see the obvious?  Maybe.

Although it could all just boil down to the fact that they hate to admit that they were wrong about Mr. trump and we were right.

*Pic from theroot.com 

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