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(TriceEdneyWire.com)—Remember that song by both the Supremes and the Four Tops—wake me when it’s over?  The singers felt like they were having a bad dream—their partners were about to leave them for “the love of a stranger”, and all they wanted to do was be awakened at the end.  Unfortunately, we have no such luck.  We seem to be consigned to live through this.

Some of my Republican friends will think my lament smacks of partisanship, but I remember being disturbed by Ronald Reagan’s election and his attacks on poor people, but never seeing him hurl paper towels at American citizens seeking help after a disastrous hurricane. I remember shaking my head at George H.W. Bush’s antics, but admitting that he, though clueless about many things, was a gentleman and a statesman. I recall raising my fist and hollering, “hail to the thief” after George W. Bush snatched that election from then-Vice President Al Gore with the help of the totally partisan Supreme Court. And I remember many of his rather hapless moments as President, but none so crass as to tell people in disaster that they had to help themselves.  He was wrong with Katrina, but he never attacked leaders and New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, nor Gov. Kathleen Blanco. I remember these Republicans behaving as if they had good sense, some decorum, perhaps too much partisanship, but at least some concern about appearances.  That man who currently occupies the People’s House at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. has none of the above.

Outside, where we can all see his sick shenanigans, 45 is picking fights with football players, beleaguered mayors, and even his own cabinet.  It is said that he wants to fire Secretary of State Rex Tillerson because Tillerson called him a moron, with perhaps a few expletives around the word. Secretary Tillerson didn’t deny calling him a moron, but instead said he did not fool with Washington innuendo and pettiness.  But we all know that Tillerson called him a moron.  Anybody with sense has called him a moron two or three times over. They just didn’t put it on their twitter feed as the Moron-in-Chief is so willing to do.

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