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I was following the Las Vegas shootings when something hit me like a bomb. Why does White America need so many guns?

I’m a news junkie, so while flipping from station to station about the shootings in Las Vegas, which so far has 59 killed and 489 wounded, I was listening to one of the gun experts when the TV anchor asked him why it wasn’t a red flag to the gun sellers or government when one man purchased so many guns within a year. The expert said that most or many gun lovers have 10 to 20 guns, including semi-automatic weapons. After watching some other programs with gun experts, going online as well as talking to gun lovers, I found that having five to 20 guns was no big deal. I understood hunting back in the day when one had to hunt if they were going to have meat on the table. But killing defenseless animals these days just for the fun of it rubs me the wrong way. What’s the challenge with special bullets, scopes and high-powered rifles?

No…the reason America is so gun crazy is the right-wingers fear of the government taking over and Blacks leaving the Black communities in masses to riot or live.

Where is the U.S. Congress?

The Republicans have shot down (no pun intended) every attempt by the Democrats for sensible gun control, but this time after 58 White people (I counted one Black person, the security guard) were killed by one man with an arsenal of guns they will be forced to do something because every one of his purchases were done legally. Or maybe not? What they may pass is a ban on the convertor that turns a legal semi-automatic into an illegal automatic, called a “bump stock.”

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