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When I saw the news on Facebook, I said, “Say it isn’t so.” After 42 years the Log Jammer will be history and will go the route of the Kangaroo, the Loop-O-Plane, Bayern Kurve and a pony track. These were some of the attractions that occupied the same site as the Log Jammer. Reportedly the Log Jammer, with its 53-foot drop chute, debuted at Kennywood in 1975. It was the park’s first million-dollar attraction. I remember riding the Log Jammer once but I did not like the thought of getting wet at the end of the ride. I’m sure many Black women felt the same, especially if they got their hair done to go to the park. Back in the day we planned our “Kennywood outfits” and never wanted to get wet, even if you waited to ride the Log Jammer as your last ride of the day.

I have not been to Kennywood this year. I was waiting for a senior special but I did not see one. I just wanted to walk around see what was new, go to the Potato Patch and have a corn dog. Yes, I just wanted to eat. I may make it to the Halloween event or perhaps for Christmas. I don’t like to let a year go by without going to Kennywood, so I will find a weekend to visit before the year is out.

Let’s get to something more important. Who heard the rumor that Reese’s Cups would no longer be sold in stores as of October? When I heard this I said to myself, ‘this cannot be true’ and people need to do their homework before they start spreading stories on social media. This may have been a ploy by Hershey to get people to buy more Reese’s Cups. I went to a few websites and just as I thought, it’s not happening. Hershey told the Associated Press that the only people removing the peanut butter-filled chocolate cups from shelves are the customers. There are tens of thousands of shares about the candy going by the wayside. I can only imagine how those Reese’s Cup junkies felt.

There have been a few items that I loved that are no longer available. One was Curry Rice with Raisins by Uncle Ben. It was delicious, I loved it. I used to serve it with Cornish hens or lamb chops. Then my corn on the cob flavored popcorn by Act One went poof from the shelves. It was to die for and once people tasted, it they loved it, too. But very few people knew it was for sale. And my all-time favorite was Big John Baked Beans. There were two cans taped together, one was the beans, the other was the “fixen’s,” you added the fixen’s to the beans and it was magic. There was a recipe on the label where you added sausage and baked corn bread on top of the beans. I still have the recipe. I can take the Log Jammer leaving but don’t mess with the Reese’s Cup.

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