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:10—Unless you’re truly living under that rock you’ve heard so much about or you live in Cleveland where nothing really matters, your Pittsburgh Steelers are kicking off their “Stairway to Seven” Super Bowl run. No. 1, yes, I’m at my spot; No. 2, none of your business where my spot is! No. 3, apparently this is not your grandfather’s Cleveland Browns team. They got game; No. 4, that being said, I had the Black and Gold winning by two touchdowns…but those Brownies surprised me a little bit! Only a three-point win for our Steelers? C’mon, man!

:09—In case you want to know, “The Sgt. Mike Booker Boycott Brigade” is in full effect. I spoke with BBB and at last word he and the troops are holding the fort. (Reports of a tiny old school 1970’s transistor AM/FM Radio/TV in his hip pocket are greatly exaggerated.) (But, ya’ll do remember Booker is a master technician…I’m just sayin’!)

:08—Hey Pittsburgh, last call for Vaughn Rivers. The City League legend is to be inducted into this year’s 4th Annual Pittsburgh City League All-Sports High School Hall of Fame. Problem is, we can’t find him. Anybody knowing the whereabouts of Vaughn Rivers please ask him to call me at 412-628-4856. Apparently, Brother Rivers is still so fast even a phone call can’t catch him.

:07—Speaking of the City League Hall of Fame, how about these names going in this year …Tonja Stevens, Mike Wilson, Kevin Barlow, Jessie Murphy, Craig Walls, Latrica and Nathan Hall, Buddy and Mon-T Robinson, just to name a few. C’mon man, this is greatness extreme!!!

:06—Oh, for the few of you that just have to have something to complain about with my name attached to it, please, please, please understand that we’re talking about 200 years of legendary sports history here, people. This can’t be done overnight…and in the night we do it, it can’t be done quickly. So please stop that, “Bill Neal hurry up,” “Bill Neal it’s too long” stuff, and correct me if I’m wrong, we are still in Pittsburgh last time I checked. Where ya’ll got to go? Nowhere! I mean really, some of you act like you can’t stay up past 10 p.m. and you gotta get up the next day cause Donald Trump’s coming to your crib. Truth is, we’re honoring “50” deserving people. Give the sitter a few extra bucks and put the dog out back. It’s gonna be a long nite gram-ma!! Now smile ‘cause deep down you know you love me. Yes you do…Yes you do…Alright, that’s better.

:05—See, here’s the difference between me and Kevin Cameron. I can admit when I’m wrong. I had Kev and Big Ed out at Ace’s in Wilkinsburg against the wall for a minute with a Pitt upset over Penn State. Okay, I took the underdog and we lost, 33-14, but not as bad as everybody thought. But I was wrong…Kev and Big Ed, will you guys ever, ever, ever ever admit to being wrong?

:04—Hold up…wait a minute…somebody turn on the lights…ya’ll gonna make me lose my mind up in here! You mean to tell me a Black woman not named Williams has won the U.S. Open? Sloane Stephens, you are the shining star. And how do you plan on spending that new $3 million? Oops, my bad, but you were thinking it, too.

:03—Speaking of all the money. Your boy “Kirk,” the owner of the Black Knight, quite possibly the baddest corvette in Pittsburgh, is putting his wheels where his mouth is. If you think your vette is badder, then come show it. Hey, hey, there’s gonna be a showdown Saturday, Sept. 23. It’s the Achieving Greatness Car Cruise and Show re-boot at the Savoy Restaurant parking lot, noon to 4 p.m. First, second and third-place large trophies. Category No. 1, Best in Show open selection. Category No. 2, Best Vette – $10 registration benefits City League Sports Hall of Fame – food and drinks on site (Please don’t bring any) – The Sensation Models – photos with the ladies—special demo by heavyweight champion Chris “Nitemare” Stallworth – back to school book bags to the first 25 cars to register – D.J. Shock in the lot – 412-628-4856 for info – (See Kirk if you’re mad!!!)

:02—Hall of Fame Awards, only 500 seats available. Do the right thing. Get your tickets now. Tickets on sale, $50 adults, $25 youth 12 and under – no exceptions. Saturday, Oct. 7 at the August Wilson Center, 6 p.m. reception, 7 p.m. showtime. Call AGI at 412-628-4856, Coach Fred Lucas at 412-999-7664 or Hall of Famer Curtis Hefflin at 412-613-9136.

:01—J-Lo, please call me back, baby. I’m sorry and I love you no matter what!



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