I watched the destruction of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Harvey in southern Texas by many of the networks as hundreds of people were rescued.

But what really has me baffled is why so many people were still in their homes after storm warnings?

I live in Pittsburgh, yet via CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News I learned two to three weeks in advance that this was going to be possibly the worst tropical storm/hurricane in history and that all people should leave just about all of southern Texas, including Houston. The forecasters predicted it would be a level 4 storm, the worst in modern history. Yet, thousands of people, including elderly people and homes for the elderly, chose to stay. Why? You can replace a home, you can’t replace a life.

I saw all the water damage and all the storm damage and I watched some of the rescued people say they didn’t think it was going to be that bad. What were they thinking? Didn’t these people watch the news and the warnings? One man was so old he could barely move, and his wife had Alzheimer’s and only got rescued because their daughter called out to a CNN staffer traveling in a boat covering the area. They were headed back when they heard her call. The daughter was staying with them overnight to make sure they were alright, but why didn’t she simply take them to her home away from Houston or southern Texas where everybody knew the Hurricane was going to hit? What could she do? She could holler for help.

Everyone rescued said the water rose so fast they didn’t know what to do. Yeah, that’s what water does in a regular flood, so just think of how fast and how much in a Level 4 or 5 storm.

I only heard and saw the results of the first half of the storm, it’s to last for two weeks which will be until the end of this week. Then officials will be able to figure out just how much and how long it will take to get these cities and towns back functioning, because the second week is feared to be even worse than the first.

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