When Bill Clinton won the presidency in 1992 the Democratic Party controlled the House of Representatives.

Three years prior the Soviet Union collapsed.

That liberated Clinton from maintaining the Cold War defense budget of previous administrations. So, Clinton embarked to reform health care in the United States, but his momentum came to a full stop after the 1994 midterm elections. The Republican Party took control of the House of Representatives for the first time in 50 years.

Instead of reforms, President Clinton ended up compromising with the Republicans. Clinton’s greatest compromise was declared in his second inaugural address when he announced to the American people that, “The era of big government is over.”

Then Clinton’s second term was plagued by partisan disputes, criminal investigations, personal witch-hunts, and articles of impeachment. Historians claimed during this time period the White House staff was defending the president 24 hours a day and the office of the presidency was paralyzed.

Now, when President Trump fired chief strategist Steve Bannon (critics claimed Bannon represented White nationalist ideologies that created the climate that erupted at Charlottesville), Bannon declared, “The Trump presidency that we fought for, and won, is over.” That wasn’t a Clinton compromise; that was a prediction that the Republicans will lose the midterms.

Next November a gain of 30 seats would give the Democrats control of the House of Representatives and a gain of three seats would give them control of the Senate. Historically, in the 18 midterm elections since World War II the president’s party has lost 25 House seats and 4 Senate seats. But in the 9 midterm elections when the president’s party controlled both houses of congress, and couldn’t blame the rival party for their failures, the president’s party lost an average of 33 house seats, and if the president’s approval rating was below 50 percent before election day the president’s party lost 36 house seats and five in the senate.

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