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I have been parking in the same parking lot for a little over 17 years and I am familiar with the cars that park there and the people who own them. Recently, a car that has begun to park in the lot has attracted my attention. Instead of pulling into the spot like most people do, this car backs in so their license plate on the front of the car is clearly visible. You guessed it…the license plate is the confederate flag, the stars and bars …and I must say when I saw it I began to “feel some kind of way.”

After the altercation in Virginia, I felt uneasy. The display of the license plate seems to be so intentional. One day I got a glimpse of the car’s owners. “Do they work in the same building as I do, are they only passing through the area and why do they park in the same spot every day in the same way?” All of these questions are running through my head. I know that this car and the way it is parked would not phase me if not for that license plate that they have every right to display on their car.

As I have watched the news coverage of the altercation in Charlottesville, the hate groups fly their confederate flags prominently. To me, the presence of the flag sends a clear message of racism and hate, not love of southern roots. Many of the people who display the flag in the north have never lived in the south or have any connection to the south.

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