Truth is . . . Starling Marte didn’t shoot the sheriff or the deputy. He just misjudged a fly ball. Good Lord, give the man a break!

Truth is . . . Book one of these dates. Friday, October 6th or Saturday, October 7th. The Annual Pittsburgh City League Hall of Fame Awards will be at the August Wilson Center electing the 20 greatest living athletes in city league history. Get ready to get ready.

Truth is . . . The top 100 finalists for induction will be announced next week. If you have a nomination to be considered for induction, this is your last chance. Call or text 412-628- 4856 to nominate your city league legend.

Truth is . . . Baby Face is coming . . . Baby Face is coming . . . Baby Face is coming.

Truth is . . . I am going to give you this one more time, or at least until you get it. You are only as good as your pitching. Yes, you will hit the ball and well, but at the end of the 9th, it’s all about strikeouts!!!

Truth is . . . “You All” elected him and now Donald Trump is about to slam the door on transgender. Wake up and smell “The Hitler” people – – – O.J. is getting out as well he should for that no-crime. AND YOU DON’T KNOW IF HE DID IT OR NOT!

Truth is . . . Let’s see how can I put this? Here We Go Steelers. Here We Go . . . Here We Go Steelers. Here We Go Steeler camp is now in session!

Truth is . . . There will only be 50 spots for the 50 best cars in Pittsburgh . . . be one of them! Saturday, September 2nd, The Savoy Great White Party / Car Show. Trophies and cash prizes. Call Achieving Greatness Inc. to reserve your spot. 412-628-4856.

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