The recent parole of O. J. Simpson brings a lot to mind. At one time O.J. was the most popular Black man in America, but now is among the most hated by White America.

We all know that O. J. was acquitted in 1995 for the double-murder trial of his former wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ron Goldman, in 1994. During the 21-month trial most Whites believed he did it, while most Blacks either didn’t believe he did it or didn’t care.

Before this tragic event O.J., who was the greatest running back in collegiate history and the second-greatest back in NFL history behind Jim Brown, was riding these accomplishments to the top of the popularity charts as an actor in movies and TV commercials. His outgoing personality made him lovable to men and women, Blacks and Whites, and he took it straight to the bank earning more money in these two fields than he did in football.

But then it happened.

Nicole Brown Simpson was murdered with a friend, Ron Goldman. The Los Angeles Police Department said O.J. did it, but after 21 months of the most popular trial in U.S. history, he was found not guilty of both murders by the jury. That set White America ablaze because they strongly believed he got away with murder, which ended his career in movies and TV commercials. But O.J. memorabilia was still popular and became one of his main sources of income. This led to a very stupid decision by O.J.

After being told by friends that another group of his friends were selling his memorabilia, he confronted them at a Las Vegas hotel where they allegedly were selling them. One man had a gun and ordered everyone to stay in the room until O.J. checked the goods out. That was all the authorities needed to give him 33 years for breaking and entering, kidnapping, and using a firearm. Clearly, he was sentenced for murdering his wife and her friend, even though the judge couldn’t say that.

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