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THE TRIAL OF THE CENTURY—O.J. Simpson, with lead defense attorney Johnnie Cochran, during Simpson’s double-murder trial, of which he was found not guilty on October 3, 1995. Simpson will have a parole hearing on July 20 pertaining to his conviction on robbery charges stemming from a hotel incident in Las Vegas in 2007. (AP Photo)

:10—My Brothers, my brothers! Man, you all are something else I tell ya. Now if I put in the paper for someone to call me to take me to the hospital the phone would never ring. I’d be stiff as a board! But let that Slam Dunk King list hit the paper and the joint starts jumpin’ (That was a play on words…jumpin’, get it?). Well, let’s revisit. Look, Myron Brown is my boy. We’re tighter than 10 toes in a sock, but I saw Sonny Lewis jump. Myron didn’t. No disrespect, but for you “Old School” cats that saw the Sonny Lewis show, when you see Myron, try to explain it to him in a kind and gentle way. And I have no problem moving Dougie Johnson up a notch or two. It does get by you that Dougie was only 6 feet tall, give or take an inch ‘cause he jumped like he was 6’10”…quick, fast and hard!

:09—Now let’s be real clear about something else. While Sonny holds on to the No. 1 spot on the list, know this…“Flying Myron” Brown, a second round draft pick by the Minnesota Timberwolves, won back-to-back slam dunk titles in the CBA, Italy and Brazil, just to name a few of his countless high-wire act awards.

:08—Safe to say Venus Williams may have succumbed to the pressure of the car accident, as well as her 37 years of age when she became the second Williams sister to get beat by Garbine Muguruza, as she won her first Wimbledon title on July 16. Williams already has won five Wimbledon titles, sure woulda been nice to see her win No. 6.

:07—I am sure it’s unfortunate, but true that the younger, less intelligent among us think the Mayweather/McGregor rude, profane and insulting comments against each other were cool. In reality, it’s not. Generally, people who talk like that aren’t smart enough to use other words to make their point. Cussing doesn’t make you tough in the ring. Knocking people out does. Here are the names of a few guys you may have heard of that didn’t stoop to such insulting tactics and still delivered the blows: Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, George Foreman, Sugar Ray Robinson, Joe Lewis, Ken Norton, Marvin Hagler, Tommy Hearns, Sugar Ray Leonard, Roberto Duran. Get my point? Do me a favor and make sure your kids get it.

O.J. SIMPSON, with future wife, Nicole, seen here in this 1980 Associated Press Photo.

:06—I don’t know if he did it. I don’t think he did it…I think he knows who did it …but you don’t know, either! But I know this. “The Juice” is about to run again! O.J.’s parole hearing is set for July 20, and if he did the crime, he should do the time. I’m okay with that. But don’t give anybody 30 years for breaking into a hotel room and taking back his own stuff.

:05—Let me slip this in on you, Melo, Kobe, LeBron, DWade, Curry, Leonard, Harden, and Durant fans…Michael Jordan was not a myth, like “Bigfoot.” He was a real man and brought other real men to their collective knees. If you’ve forgotten, you better pop in a VHS tape and be reminded of the flying, the walking on air, “The Shot” in Cleveland, “The Shot” in Utah, the double nickel in New York and the six rings to go along with being the fourth all-time leading scorer in NBA history (32,292 points). Back it up, nephew, with the now talk…know your history. Holler back.

:04—If things go well with the Pirates/Brewers series happening as this Courier edition comes out (July 17-20), your Bucs may make me eat my words. After winning three consecutive series, beating Milwaukee three out of four games could make life a little more interesting.

:03—LeVeon Bell and your Pittsburgh Steelers failed to reach a contract agreement so he’ll play under the franchise tag this year for $12 million. I know, that’s how the game is played these days, but what if he gets hurt…again? I’m just sayin’!

:02—Your Pittsburgh Steelers report to training camp July 27 and begin the movement of “Stairway to Seven.” And if it is to be, they must find a way to beat New England. Simple as that.

:01—The Armen Gilliam “Hard Word” Basketball Camp is not just a place to drop off your kids. It’s an experience they will never forget and I promise it will change the way your child thinks. Saturday and Sunday, August 5-6, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Lunch, t-shirt, certificate, game, skills and drills and hard work!!! Call 412-628-4856 now!



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