I guess it was too good to be true. In May, only 65 percent of the homicides were Black but things have gone back to the norm with all six homicides in Allegheny County being Black in June. One female and five males.

It could have been worse. It could have been like Little Rock, where 25 were shot and three injured in a gunfight in a nightclub. Even though TV news has pretty much abandoned the issue, at least some online newspapers’ accounts said officials believe it was all centered around rapper Rickey Hampton (Finese2Tymes), who was performing at the club that night.

Officials said a few days earlier, the Memphis rapper had a confrontation with someone and shot him in the neck at another club in Arkansas. What is really sick is that you know you shot someone but you continue as if nothing happened, placing all the people at the lounge in danger.

Witnesses say the rapper and his people had guns but officials still haven’t issued a statement of who did the shooting and who was arrested other than the rapper on other charges.

On Facebook, several people stated how sorry they were for the victims who were just out for a night of fun, and that the club was being shut down which would further reduce the number of places to go for young people.

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