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When sitting down to write this column, I had a number of issues to write about: Bill Cosby, which I plan to do something on in the near future, President Trump Tweets and the media stupidity, the failure of the Republicans to create a Healthcare Plan that can pass a Republican-majority Senate. But I chose the issue most important to Blacks…25 Black Americans shot in a nightclub in the United States and it wasn’t the top news on any of the cable news networks.

If 25 people had been shot by terrorists it would have been the top “breaking news” story of the day and the weekend.

It was covered, but unlike the terrorist attacks in other countries, it was just a news story. No panelists, no special guests, it was not the main topic on MSNBC, FOX News, or CNN.

For those of you that did not hear about it, I’m talking about the 25 Black people shot and three or more injured in a Black-on-Black gang shootout not in Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles or even Atlanta…but Little Rock, Arkansas. A gang fight in a nightclub loaded with people. Who would pull their guns and start shooting in a crowded bar of innocent people? Only a fool, and there were quite a few fools.

Most people are speculating that it was between Memphis, Tenn., gangs and Little Rock, Ark., gangs. You see, one can stand in parts of Memphis and look out over the river and see one bridge that goes to Arkansas, one to Mississippi, and one to Tennessee. The Black newspaper in Memphis calls itself the Tri-State Defender because it serves Memphis, Tenn., Little Rock, Ark., and Jackson, Miss. All three are the largest cities in their respective states, with the majority or a large percentage of the city being Blacks.

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