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(TriceEdneyWire.com)—The only time I can remember TIME moving as slowly as it has during the past six months was when I was eight and had to wait an entire year between Christmases. True or not, it feels like the Trump Administration has slowed the progress of time and assigned each day an additional 36 hours.  One wonders how long it’ll take to lumber through his term in office.

I surmise that my lack of restful sleeping, and similar reports from others, has something to do with the current occupant of the Oval Office.  It’s my opinion, but shared by many, that the discord and anxiety in our current socio-political structure directly relates to the incompetence of that occupant. We’re plagued with the question, “What are the long-term consequences to the nation because of this mistake in the White House?”

When at my limit, I retreat to the security of my memories.  My only solace is the memories of the eight years of leadership by President Barack Obama and the Obama family.  I, like unnumbered others, miss the Obamas and nostalgically wonder where their judgment and demeanor have gone.  Most of us recognize that our national leadership is in drastic need of an injection of the Obama character.

When the Obamas left us, they both expressed the need for much needed sleep and spending “quality time” with family.  They also said that they wanted to do “some normal stuff.”  I doubt that anything they do will be considered “normal,” but God Bless them with the peace and tranquility to regain a measure of normalcy.

Many are sad that the Obamas had to leave us, but we’re realists and understand the political game.  What we can’t reconcile is waking each morning with the ominous questions, “What did he do last night?  What crisis of his making will we have to face today?”  Those questions are a far cry from the surety that most of us had upon waking in the Obama Era.

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