(TriceEdneyWire.com)—My regular readers know that I have friends in all walks-of-life, and some practice old-school lifestyle avocations.  I communicate with them as often as possible and sometimes their perspectives serve as viewpoints I use in my articles.

I have a friend who could be called a naturalist.  He’s retired and spends as much time outdoors as possible. He hunts and fishes for consumption and studies efforts to conserve wildlife.  Although non-empirical, he also studies the relationships between humans and animals and how humans often use animal characterizations to interact with each other.

His theories, though unsettling, often make sense in the broadest of contexts.  He recently spoke of what conservation departments define as nuisance species.  These are animals that aggravate human populations with which they come in contact, and over which no agency regulates harvest/execution.  For example, coyotes inhabit most of the lower 48 states and wreak havoc on domestic livestock and protected wildlife.  In most places, coyotes can be taken without limit 24/7/365.  This is called OPEN SEASON.

My friend believes that law enforcement officers, institutional representatives and others exercising life and death control view Blacks as a nuisance species and pursue their systematic elimination.  In the context of recent shootings and other acts of violence against people of color, his assessment seems brutally accurate.  Open season is real for Black folks.

If I tried to list the growing number of Blacks murdered under suspicious circumstances or those executed under the watchful eyes of witnesses or the camera, I would quickly use the allotment of words I am allowed for each article.

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