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And they are right, this is the hard, cold fact in cities throughout the country for our Black youth, the higher the percentage of Blacks to higher the number of Black homicides.

Pittsburgh is not standing alone with Black-on-Black killings; Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, East St. Louis, Los Angeles, New York City, Atlanta, Cleveland, New Orleans, and the beat goes on.

Lord knows we need more Flo Taylors in this world because I don’t know if I could do it. On the bus I witnessed a White man sit in a seat with something wet in it and the Black youths thought it was funny, but when he voiced it to them that it wasn’t funny, to my surprise one said sorry, while the other said it was funny to him. I thought there was going to be a fight but the youth were cool.

We need more women and men like Flo who are concerned about our youth and are willing to talk to them. She’s right to say many, if not most adults today are afraid of our youth, some their own children, because as the young man told Flo, many are packing guns and not afraid to use them.

“Hop” Kendrick talked about how his father was such a positive influence in his and his siblings’ lives in the June 14 Courier. But in today’s society, how many fathers are in the home to give any kind of guidance, and how many mothers would allow them to?

Even though my father and grandfathers have been dead for a number of years, they had a great deal to do with my development into the man that I am today. I give a belated thanks to them and all the fathers and grandfathers out there for their contributions to the upbringing and development of our youth. Happy belated Fathers Day.

(Ulish Carter is the former managing editor of the New Pittsburgh Courier.)


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