:10—Wish I could tell ya I told you so…wait a minute, I can tell ya I told you so. The Pens win 4 games to 2, just like I said. And yes, you -are-correct…I know nothing about hockey. Pittsburgh, PA, City of Champions…That’s how we roll. Five-time Stanley Cup Champions!

:09—Truth be told, while I do joke about my limited knowledge of hockey, everyone should be reminded there are a fair number of African American hockey players now, and quite a few African American fans. That’s how we roll!

:08—Let’s take that walk down memory lane one more time. Flashback with me, if you will.

The Banks Brothers were part of all my “4 Guys” back in the day. Johnny “Dr. Curl” Banks, quiet and highly effective…Could play with anybody, anytime, anywhere. And Brother Chuckie…“The Enforcer,” if you will. Scrapper, no nonsense “Bad Boy” who could play. Just saw Chuckie for the first time in about 30 years. Looks great and doing great. And taking care of the grandkids like a good Black man should.

:07—I might as well give Reggie Dukes this shout out while I am at it. You know, if I don’t call for “The Dukie Stick” he gets upset. But for real for real…Reggie Dukes was a baller. A very special baller who had all the tools and came very close to an NBA career out of Tulane University. He is 6’4,” 190 pounds, could shoot it on anybody, anywhere. The self-proclaimed youngest cat to play in the Connie Hawkins League and recent Hall of Fame inductee.

:06—I went out on a very strong limb here, people. I predicted Golden State would wrap up the NBA Championship on June 12, and they did…LeBron and the Cavs put up a good fight, but KD was just too much for ‘em!

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