• Truth is . . . Vegas told ya what the deal was. But you chose not to believe them.

Why? Because you like to think that you know more than Vegas. Well, you don’t! The Cavs get swept tonight. And that you can take to the bank.

• Truth is . . . And trust me on this, Tiger Woods will rebound and he will win not one but five more majors and pass Jack Nicklaus . . . OK, maybe not five, but he’ll

win two more . . . Alright, one more for sure (by the way, there was no alcohol found in his system. But boys and girls, you gotta beware of those


• Truth is . . . Your Pittsburgh Steelers go to camp in about a month. The first game of

the exhibition season is Friday, August 11th

at 7:00 against the New YorkFootball Giants.

• Truth is . . . Wonder Woman . . . the movie, not your ex, is not bad. Not as good as I

thought it would be, but not bad. If you grew up fantasizing about her, then

you had to go see it. (Yes you did, yes you did, don’t lie. Every redblooded

American boy had Wonder Woman on his grown up things to do list!).

This image released by Warner Bros. Entertainment shows Gal Gadot in a scene from “Wonder Woman,” in theaters on June 2. (Clay Enos/Warner Bros. Entertainment via AP)

• Truth is . . . I told you when they left Spring Training Camp. If you don’t have pitching,

you don’t have a chance. The Pirates lose late inning games because they don’t have the pitching. But please don’t let that stop you from going to beautiful PNC Park. The Park alone is worth the price of admission, win,

lose or draw.

• Truth is . . . You’re running out of time. Once again nominations for the 2017 Pittsburgh City League High School All-Sports Hall of Fame inductions are now underway. To nominate, call 412-628-4856 and give their name, school, sport and year. And remember, we’re talking the best of the best here, people. Not your cousin Louie.

• Truth is . . . I can tell you this right now. This year’s team inductions include the 1966

and 1971 Schenley H.S. State Championship teams. Anyone knowing members of those teams, have them call us right away at 412-628-4856.

• Truth is . . . Achieving Greatness Inc. is still looking for account executives, aka sales

reps, and event planners. If interested, call AGI at 412-628-4856.

Greatness Awaits You!!!


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