Not that you need any more proof of how ignorant and clueless this president is, but his comments after the terrorist attacks in London—- and his lies about what the Mayor of London said—- should only confirm to you what a clown we elected to lead our country.

The thing is, everyone knows what trump said was wrong, except, of course,  trump and his sycophants.  In yet another twist on a running theme since January of 2017, trump tweeted out his own set of alternative facts, and when he was called out it, he decided that we were the ones who were not clued in, and it was those Brits who were wrong about the string of terrorist events that took place in their country.

The Mayor of London is a popular guy, and his people really seem to like him, and yet here we have an American president trashing him after terror visited his city.

I heard someone say this on television today, and it’s worth repeating: Imagine, for a minute, a British  leader ripping Rudy Giuliani right after September  11th. We would have lost our minds. That, in essence, is what the president is doing, he is trolling the Brits, and calling their mayor a liar in the process.

Finally, check out this story:

“The gunman in Monday’s fatal shooting spree at an Orlando, Florida, business targeted his victims and had a “negative relationship” with at least one of them, according to law enforcement.
Army veteran John Robert Neumann, Jr. killed five employees of Fiamma Inc. before killing himself, Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings said.
The company makes accessories for recreational vehicles. Neumann was fired from there in April.
All five of the victims were employees of Fiamma, which makes awnings and accessories for recreational vehicles, the sheriff said. Four of them — three men and a woman — were found dead when deputies arrived, he said. A fifth person, a man, was transported to a hospital, where he died.
The sheriff identified the gunman as John Robert Neumann Jr., 45, who had been fired from his job at Fiamma in April. He had shot and killed himself by the time law enforcement arrived, Sheriff Demings said.” [Source]
Tragic! And yet, turn on cable- news and it’s a all trump all the time. Sadly, we have become immune to these types of  tragic mass shootings. Just another ho hum day in America.
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