(NNPA)—Even though Black women lost ground in the labor market last month, the unemployment rate for Black workers dipped below 8 percent for the first time since January 2017, according to the latest jobs report from the Labor Department.

Not only did the unemployment rate for Black workers improve, the labor force participation rate, which is the share of people in the labor market who have jobs or who are looking for work, also moved in a positive direction. The labor force participation rate for Black workers increased from 62.3 percent in March to 62.5 percent in April. The employment-population ratio (E-POP), or the share of the population with jobs, climbed a few notches from 57.3 percent to 57.6 percent in April.

The jobless rate for White workers decreased from 3.9 percent in March to 3.8 percent in April, and so did the labor force participation rate. The E-POP for White workers was flat.

April was a good month for Black men over 20 years-old; the three main indicators (UE, LFPR and E-POP) all moved in positive directions. The unemployment rate for that group improved from 8.2 percent in March to 7.3 percent last month.

Meanwhile, White, working men over 20 years-old, who looked for jobs in April, found them, for the most part. The labor force participation rate for White men was flat at 71.9 percent, but the employment-population ratio for that group increased from 69.2 percent in March to 69.4 percent in April. The unemployment rate for White men improved from 3.6 percent in March to 3.4 percent in April.

White working women over 20 years-old, took losses in two out of the three key market indicators last month and their unemployment rate was flat (3.5 percent), likely due to White women exiting the labor market.

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