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In this column, I try to keep it about issues that will affect Black people as a whole and Pittsburgh in particular, but this week it was hard watching TV, or going online.

Once again the media didn’t deal with the ECONOMY—it was almost totally on the firing of the FBI Director James Comey by the President, and his visit to Saudi Arabia to address 50 of the top leaders of the Middle East in a newly-constructed Center to Address Terrorism.

During the past two weeks the media speculated why the President fired Comey while he was investigating Russia’s connection to possibly leaking information that led to Trump defeating Hilary Clinton in the recent election.

My feeling is that with no Republicans speaking out on the Comey firing, it will go away in a few weeks as other issues arrive to overshadow the real concerns of the American people, the economy. How many poor, low and middle-income people care about Comey, or any of the other people Trump has fired? A lot of these people voted for him so he would get rid of these bureaucrats.

There is going to be a hearing in two weeks where Comey will speak to a U.S. House Committee where he will give his views.

Here’s what I think will happen. Nothing.

Trump is doing what President Ronald Reagan did with the Iran-Contra scandal. Reagan fired everyone connected to it and moved on to be one of the most popular presidents since Dwight Eisenhower. Trump has no problem firing anyone, which means he is going to get rid of anyone who can link him to the Russian issue.

As for his speech in Saudi Arabia, I thought it was great. He basically made it clear to the Middle Eastern countries and U.S. citizens that even though the U.S. will be a leader in fighting terrorism, it will not be sending young men and women to Middle Eastern countries to die for their freedom.

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