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Anyone who was a frequent reader of this column throughout last year’s presidential campaign knows how hard not writing about him has been for me because I have always believed that he is grossly unfit to be president of the United States. His actions since taking office have convinced me that my assertions were correct.

Yet while I knew he was ill prepared and didn’t have the temperament to be president, I honestly didn’t think he would do some of the things he has done because some instances simply require a modicum of common sense.

But as the old folks say, “common sense ain’t so common.” Such an adage is especially true regarding the United States’ commander in chief.

It seems like just when America is lamenting over the president’s most recent ingregiuous behavior, he does something else which is even more outlandish and unheard of – that, in itself is a common theme of his presidency thus far.

There’s no point in me going down the lengthy list of foolish and dangerous things Trump has done, because if you are like me, you’re tired of hearing them. However, I will say that the last couple of allegations – asking recently fired FBI Director James Comey to be loyal to him and requesting that Comey “let go” of the investigation involving Michael Flynn and his ties to Russia and detailing classified information to Russian officials – are serious offenses that could result in significant charges including impeachment. While Trump’s possibly destructive antics are still in the investigative stages, I am bracing myself for whatever is next. At this point, nothing would surprise me.

While Trump could potentially be on the road to impeachment, his former opponent is working to empower advocates and future political leaders.

This week Hillary Clinton announced her post-election plans. The former First Lady launched Onward Together, a political organization that will help advance the causes of progressive organizations.

Onward Together will “encourage people to get involved, organize, and even run for office.” The organization’s website said it is looking to “advance progressive values and work to build a brighter future for generations to come.”

The premise of Onward Together speaks volumes by putting its money where its mouth is. The organization will fund and invest in entities that are forward-thinking politically – some of which specifically impressed Clinton while on the campaign trail.

Thus far, some of the groups that Onward Together has confirmed working with are “Swing Left, a grassroots network supporting Democratic House candidates in swing districts; Emerge America, a group urging Democratic women to run for office; Color of Change, a criminal justice reform-focused organization; (and) Run for Something, a group formed by former Clinton campaign staffers that looks to urge young people to run for local office.”

I respect and certainly appreciate the way Clinton took a devastating loss and turned her attention toward empowering a new legion of activists and politicians while also making sure a solid foundation is laid toward helping progressive organizations. The dynamics of last year’s presidential race are proof that the political landscape has changed. “Politics as usual,” is no more. Candidates campaigned differently, the public voted differently, and the general political atmosphere is, well, different.

Onward Together is different too and that’s exactly what is needed.

Hillary Clinton’s legacy will not be two failed presidential runs, rather it will be her visionary approach toward revolutionizing politics.

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