Last year a Black sniper killed five Dallas police officers during a demonstration protesting the shooting deaths of two Black men by White police officers in Minnesota and Louisiana.

ABC News ran a segment that started with a Black father and his sons shaking hands with a Dallas police officer as the city mourned. Then the voice-over announced, “but when they return home, they will resume what Black America has long referred to as ‘The Talk.’”

The reporter asked the eldest son, who was about to get his driver’s license, what he learned from “The Talk.” The teen stated if he didn’t listen (to his father’s instructions, keep your hands in sight, etc.) he could end up shot by the police.

Then the segment jumped to a reenactment of “The Talk” posted on Facebook. Here, two Black children, under 10 years old, asked their father, “Why are police killing kids? Will they shoot us too?” The father announced, “It’s time we had a talk.” Then the voice-over stated even at an early age “The Talk” is about survival.

The final scene of the segment went back to the first father. The audience discovers his talk with his eldest son was also due to the fact that they just moved into a majority White suburb, and the father was recently pulled over by the police for a non-working taillight.  But when the father got home and checked his vehicle the taillight functioned properly. The father suggested he was stopped because the police didn’t think he belonged in that neighborhood.

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