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Women have to be strong. We have no choice, there is so much on our plate. Each morning I look at the reflection in the mirror and I think to myself “I’m a grown woman”. I have an attitude, strong opinions and at times a loud voice and I’m not afraid to let it be heard. I believe with every ounce of blood that is pumping through my veins that we as women can do anything and we can do it in our stilettos while never missing a beat.

Now with all that being said, I have one question – what happened to “girl code”?

I’m not talking about the rules on how to dress, walk, talk, or what to eat.

Ladies, I’m talking about the sisterhood. That special bond that only women share.

Our rules and our guidelines for keeping you from being put out of the inner circle. Girl code.  It’s the rules for being a girl that are taught to us when we are young and expanded throughout all phases of our lives.

In our continuous fight for equality we have started to fight one another and place our “girl codes” to the side like an empty water bottle.  Seriously, where did it go? Did we forget?  As if the fight wasn’t hard enough with the men in our world now we have decided that we will fight each other?  Does that make you feel strong? Does that make you feel like you are a better woman than the one your hurting?  This makes no sense to me. I’ve been struggling with this issue lately so I took the opportunity to talk to a few of my trusted girlfriends to see if they agreed and find out which codes they had witnesses being violated.  During our talks, I asked them if these violations came from a need for a refresher course or if women were not aware of the code. You know what, we were all stumped.  So, while there are many more, here are a few girl codes we need to remember.

From Melissa: #nohating. Melissa stated that as girlfriends or colleagues we must build each other up instead of tearing each other down. As women, we find ourselves second-guessing our selves and we really should work on boosting each other’s confidence.

Melissa went on to share that we need to “try honesty.” Women with genuine hearts, will tell you if you look a mess, tell you when you are wrong, tell you to suck it up or step away. And if I understand girl code you know you may not like what is being said, but you accept because it’s given out of love.  Interesting words.

From Tori:  Tori, who I’ve known since roamin’ the yard at Indiana State reminded me of the importance of celebrating each other. At any given opportunity, we should celebrate our girls in front of others and behind closed doors. She reminded me that an “Atta girl” goes a long way – when it’s sincere.

From Nichole:  When I asked Nichole for her response, she immediately replied without missing a beat, “never be a mean girl!”  I’m sure women around the city are nodding their heads in agreement about this one because we’ve all experienced her in one way or another.  She “throws shade” but acts like it’s not directed to a particular person.  She’s nasty, always trying to pick a fight by being a bully and tries to intimidate people she perceives as being weak.  She is divisive and storm clouds follow her even on the sunniest of days.

Nichole also added that as women we must “Lift as we climb”, meaning bring others along. We spent a lot of time talking about this one because as busy women it’s hard.  But as we discussed the pros and cons that come with bringing women alongside us Nichole stopped me dead in my tracks and said in her sista friend voice, “Maggie, there is a special place in h#$% for women who don’t support other women.”

So my sisters, take out your girl code manual dust it off and give it another read-thru.  Take a moment to add a few chapters and revise a few too.  Go look in the mirror and ask yourself a few tough questions.  Ask yourself, “do I you truly honor the code?”  How long has it been since you lifted up another woman?  Are you a mean girl?  Who are you bringing alongside you?  Ladies, we must honor the girl code.  Our strength is in our numbers.  Remember, “one woman can make a difference, but together we can ROCK the world!”



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