What would you do if you were on a commercial airplane and you were in your seat, the seat that you paid for, probably, some time ago, and now you are asked to give your seat up? Thanks to almost everyone having a cell phone with a camera, we know what Dr. David Dao did. He said he did not want to get off the plane. And it seems like no one else wanted to give up their seat, either. As Dao was being dragged off the United Airlines flight, did you see anyone else jump up and say, “No, let me get off, I’ll take the $800.” People protested, people took pictures and I’m sure they called their friends to tell them, “you’ll never guess what just happened on this airplane.”

There has been a lot of buzz about this story and it is surely buzzworthy. Now that the passenger has a broken nose, a concussion and major facial injuries, the public and the airline seem like they want to blame the victim. Dao’s past has been dug up and splashed across newspapers, social media and television. Now, he is the bad guy just because he was trying to get to work and by the way, his wife was with him.

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