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Dr. Anthony Hamlet

In recent years, Pittsburgh Public Schools and its school board would make changes and revisions to its Code of Student Conduct without the public being able to offer its input and suggestions in an open setting.

That’s all changed, now that Dr. Anthony Hamlet is the new sheriff in town.

Dr. Hamlet, who is completing his first year as Superintendent of Schools, initiated a series of open forums that the public could voice their concerns about a variety of issues affecting the district. And recently, the district completed a series of public meetings to gather information as to how to improve the Code of Student Conduct for the next school year. The public meetings were held at Pittsburgh Obama (March 22), Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers (March 30), and Pittsburgh King (April 5).

“Anybody who has a vested interest in making sure that our children have the right focus, the right vision…we want to have those conversations, and hear those great ideas as we change and transform our system, to make it better for better student outcomes,” Dr. Hamlet told the New Pittsburgh Courier.

“For me that’s just part of the process, that’s how I do my work.”

SPEAKING UP—Kayla Bowyer voices her concerns during the PPS Code of Student Conduct public meeting at Pittsburgh King.

Hamlet said there are two primary issues that concern most parents in the district; out-of-school suspensions, and more detailed ways of dealing with disruptive behavior. “If you say, disruptive behavior…what does that mean?” Dr. Hamlet said. “We want to be more specific and comprehensive of exactly what those issues are and begin to support our children as a result. How we can provide supports to schools and supports to children to remedy those issues.”

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