:10—I have no proof, but I’m pretty sure that never in the history of college basketball has a team missed not one, but two sets of foul shots to ice the game and the opposing team didn’t get either rebound. That is the ultimate…C’MON MAN!!! C’MON Oregon!!

:09—Speaking of ultimate, and clearly I was if you were paying the least bit of attention…Gone but not forgotten is “The Ultimate Force” of Master Jacquet Bazemore. Westinghouse and Pitt graduate, two-tour Vietnam vet, original heavyweight boxing champion, the owner of 10 black belts in 10 different martial arts, inducted into the National Karate Hall of Fame…coach, mentor, teacher, fighter, and one hell of a nice guy. Miss ya champ!

:08—The votes are in by a landslide. I asked in last week’s column which team would be better; Team One, which had Magic Johnson, M.J., LeBron, Tim Duncan, and Kareem…or Team Two, which had Isiah Thomas, Kobe, Scottie Pippen, Hakeem Olajuwon, and Shaq-Daddy. Team One destroyed Team Two by over 100 votes! Sorry, boys and girls, but Team One has the greatest players at each position of all-time. Of course they win, now pay up!

:07—Speaking of Isiah…no, not that one, this Isaiah (now you’re getting the hang of it)… Who gives birth to a baby, names him Isaiah Thomas, and the boy grows up to be a NBA star? I’m just sayin’! (For those of you just coming out of the cave you live in, Isiah Thomas played for the Detroit Pistons and won two NBA titles…Isaiah (with an extra “a”) Thomas plays for the Boston Celtics and is trying to get at least one championship). Some of you people really need to get with it.

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