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Employees of the Allegheny County-owned nursing homes, the Kane Regional Centers, collectively earned more than $7.4 million in overtime pay in 2016. (Photo by Connor Mulvaney/PublicSource)

Staffing concerns at the Kane Regional Centers don’t change much year to year. As they continue to serve nursing-home patients in Allegheny County, nurses, nursing assistants and other staff work long hours for lower pay than hospitals can offer. Taxing work conditions that contribute to staff turnover. But there is another variable that persists and goes against best practices of a balanced work environment. Overtime.

Year after year, PublicSource analyzes data on salaries and overtime at Allegheny County departments, including the Kane Regional Centers, the chain of four county-owned nursing homes. The Kane facilities always stand out for overtime, leading to concerns about how much overtime is good for employees and for the care of the residents. But each year, the answer is the same: Managing overtime is a regular challenge and recruiting new workers, especially nurses, is difficult.

Between 2015 and 2016, the workforce at the Kane Regional Centers has stayed about the same. Meanwhile, overtime has increased.



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