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Yada yada, yada.  I have become quite depressed in regards to many of the “know-it-alls,” that are sure that they are in the loop when it comes to the 2017 draft selections of the Pittsburgh Steelers.  There are bloggers, joggers, sloggers and foggers that in their mind may possess an imaginary source that gives them a leg up on Pittsburgh’s current 2017 draft class.  However, many of these geniuses aren’t even comfortable setting up their own dates. As a matter-of-fact, many of them are thrilled and get more kicks out of discussing football than having dinner and a drink unless the liaison was setup by needadate.com.

That being said; there was a mid-1980s song titled; “When Boys’ Talk,” by the group InDeep. I am not going to quote the entire song but some of the lyrics went something like this; You shot your mouth off boy, And now you know I’m the talk of the town. You shot your mouth off boy you been spreadin‘ those rumors around. You shot your mouth off boy, and now I find that I’m not alone.  You shot your mouth off boy and then it’s something I should have known. When boys talk, they don’t talk politics. When boys talk, they talk about their kicks.

When the Steelers lost the 2017 AFC Championship game to the New England Patriots, the was one glaring deficiency that was displayed and exploited last season as well as the previous several seasons.  The secondary of the Steelers was almost non-existent and the pass rush had a sort of molasses vibe to it.  When the Steelers or any other defense decides to employ a “zone” defense against any of the elite “master surgeon “quarterbacks” of the NFL, most of us can see those quarterbacks on the sideline when their defense is on the field opening up boxes filled with cans of “whoopass” to take with them when their offense gets back on the field.

The Steelers should trade up, or do anything that they have to do to put some “stick-em” on their hands and grab a top cornerback who has been a corner since midget league and not throw him into the fire but “make him the fire.”

Pittsburgh need an athlete that will cause opposing wide receivers to have a serious meltdown just at the thought of preparing to line up against him.  Pittsburgh needs a cornerback that will make the NFL change into the NFFL (National Flag Football League).  Man to man defense has to be changed into the “man-handler’s defense.”

If we keep shooting our mouths off just to be seen and heard, the real and vital needs of the Pittsburgh Steelers will never be addressed and the team will always be just above average. There can be no more “prevent” defense for Pittsburgh because in the end the only thing that it prevents is winning. There is an old misnomer that was coined by a Great American, Benjamin Franklin. This saying has been practiced by and repeated and used by many NFL defensive coordinators over the past fifty years; “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Well in the case of NFL defensive strategies; “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of losing.”

Safety “zone” defenses have evolved into “demilitarized” zone defenses that quarterbacks rocket propelled grenade-like arms protected by tank-like offensive lineman, drip saliva at the thought of facing a weak zone defense.  The Steelers had better be foaming at the mouth at the prospect of getting a top corner or they will be a mouthwatering tidbit for the NFLs top defenses.

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