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Where are the young people?

This is a question many older, fading organizations are asking because of the lack of young people at their functions; other gatherings have shown that there are young people who are concerned, but don’t believe the current organizations are able to address their concerns.

Young people have many of the same concerns as older people––affordable housing; a living wage so they can eat on a regular basis as well as keep a roof over their heads; education or training so as to get and retain a job with livable wage.

These issues are also critical in curtailing the street and domestic violence. If our young people can see more Black people making livable wages on legal jobs, then they would be more willing to work toward the education and training needed for a well paying job. However, if they are going to have to go down the same path as their parents, and other adults in the community, of having to work two and three jobs to make ends meet, why not the illegal jobs?

A new group headed by Gregory Coleman calling themselves RNDRT (Reaching New Dreams and Recognizing Talent) was recently formed and their first event turnout was very impressive. No, there weren’t hundreds, but, judging by the photos, there were nearly a hundred, which few other organizations have been able to attract.

The major focus of the group is to stop the violence in the streets by focusing young people’s attention to more positive things and events.

Coleman stated that there’s nothing wrong with partying and having a good time, but it’s only temporary. They want to guide young people toward proper education and training that leads to jobs and long-term happiness.

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