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:10—The Pitt Men’s Basketball team shot their final “3” of the season as they took it on their glass chin from Virginia. A team they split home and home with during the regular season. A tough season to be sure, but I for one enjoyed it. Sure you want the hometown boys to win, but I just love the game. That being said, here’s your “Inside the Ten”…Top 10 problems Pitt had to deal with:

#1 Lack of a true point guard. No dis to Jamel Artis, but true point guards can make the difference.

Pittsburgh guard Jamel Artis defends against a shot by Louisville guard Tony Hicks during the first half of an NCAA college basketball game, Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2017, in Pittsburgh. (AP Photo/Fred Vuich)

#2 Jamel Artis, who is a natural 2/3 played the point well, but it did prevent him from being his best at his true position. I think he deserves props for taking one for the team!

#3 No inside presence…no inside scoring!!!

#4 No consistent three point shooter. Cam Johnson was good on occasion, but not the dagger you need.

#5  A very, very, very weak bench. No one to blame really. It was what it was.

#6 A clear and apparent disconnect between the coach and the players. My guess is…”If you keep throwing your players under the bus, they’ll stop showing up to ride it. I’m just sayin’!

#7 Let’s not forget this is the ACC boys and girls. They played some good teams and several NBA caliber players.

#8 I know it happens on both sides, but they lost three games on some very bad officiating. The Notre Dame game here to be exact.

#9 Don’t get it twisted. The players don’t get away clean. There’s this thing called D-Fence…and if played with the force of “Kong,” can cure a multitude of sins!

#10 Last, but not least, not enough cheerleader and dance team time on the court. What? Oh, like you weren’t thinking it too. Yes, you were, but you wanted me to say it. (Hey, I’m 64. I’m not dead!!!)

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