This week’s column is only the second time that I have discussed the most recent presidential election. It was apparent to me during the campaign that the news media was overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton. At the outset Las Vegas and 95 percent of all the political experts stated that Donald Trump had no chance. The reasons they gave were that the Republican Party would not accept him; he was a novice, lacked a professional team and he was perceived as a rank amateur and was only considered a television personality. Then there came a period of time that I began to notice that every program serious or comedy that Donald Trump was the topic of conversation and I began to think that the experts might be wrong, because he was getting free coverage 24 hours. It would be a lie if I wrote I knew he would win, but I did believe he had an excellent chance. The 2016 presidential election was the first election I could not in good conscience vote for either major party candidate.

Now that Donald Trump is President Trump he aggravates Republicans, Democrats, Black folks, and even a lot of wealthy people, because he ran and got elected as an outsider. If I were a conspiracy theorist I would believe the election was a set up. Voters and non-voters march every time Trump clears his throat. I have encountered Blacks from every walk of life who are more embittered about the president than I have ever witnessed in my life. These Black persons have spent more time and energy over the last 70 days talking about Trump than they did about Obama over 8 years. If they discussed the former President Obama they would start off by stating that president Obama can’t do anything by himself he needs votes from the house and senate.

It is extremely disturbing to me that Black people are allowing ourselves to be distracted from changing or improving the things that we have the power to change. We can’t change the outcome of the last election, but we have the potential to affect change where we live across Allegheny County. Black people must organize and develop a genuine purpose that will improve our overall conditions such as the following: We must improve our overall living conditions, raising our income levels starting with more business opportunities, and more decent paying jobs. By increasing our income it can lead to strengthening of our families thereby improving the quality of education from elementary to college, home ownership, and low income housing. We could limit the incarceration rate, elect a Black mayor, state senator, congressman.

I don’t expect you to ignore what goes on in the White House, but I do expect you to focus on improving wherever we live across Allegheny County. Politics start on the street we live on. We as Black citizens must take our anger, frustration, disappointments, and disillusions and harness that wasted energy and turn it into a true sense of positivity in every aspect of our lives.

We can, we must believe we can.

(Louis “Hop” Kendrick is a contributor to the New Pittsburgh Courier.)


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