:10—The University of Pittsburgh men’s basketball team…ahhh…ummm…well, see what had happened was…no, no, wait. See there were two nuns and the one nun said to the other nun? Sorry, that’s all I got. I don’t know what else I can tell ya!

:09—To look at the boys Allderdice basketball team in action, the way they flow, the ball movement, the clutch 3s and the team ball they play, you could put money on their chances to win state. That being said, I don’t know what’s coming from the other side of the state and with that being said, if they run into a team with two strong big men, it will present match-up problems. Down  low. Butttt with that being said, I like their chances. It’s a really good team and well coached. They slowly took Altoona H.S. apart and for the most part led and controlled the entire game.

:08—By the way, did you know that Altoona is coached by former Altoona, Villanova and Minnesota Timberwolves star Doug West. It’s true what they say.  You can always go home.

:07—Look I know you think you know more about the movies than me and that’s okay, but know this…you better run and see…Get Out…as soon as you can. I am telling ya, scary, funny, and real racist, but you’re going to love it. Trust me. I give it three J.V. basketballs cause it’s not on the varsity scale but listen, when somebody tells you to get out, you better get out!!! You?ll see.

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