Valentine’s Day is over and now you can go out and buy your chocolates at a reduced price. There are a lot of singles and some not so single who did not celebrate. I have found new ways to celebrate holidays and I celebrated Valentines with some of my favorite friends.

Many years ago I wrote about this same friend and the lengths he goes to for his wife for Valentine’s Day. I wonder if one year he is going to run out of ideas.

This past Sunday he decided to do a dove release from his patio. He invited a few couples to witness the festivities and I was invited to take pictures. He planned all of this without his wife’s knowledge. The doves and the owner of the doves had arrived and were waiting on the patio and his wife was none the wiser.

I learned so much that day about doves. The owner wanted them to be released at a certain time of day so they could find their way home in the light instead of the dark. In this case they had to go from Cranberry, Pa. to New Kensington, Pa. It was finally “show time” and the wife comes downstairs from her nap and she finds she has a house full of guests. Her husband instructs us all to go to the patio. We go outside and Joe (the husband) begins to sing “I just called to say I love you.” Yes he sings as well. While he was singing they stood next to a box that housed the doves. Once he finished the song he opened the box and the doves flew away. I guess I expected them to fly in slow motion so I could get just the right camera angle.  Before I knew it the doves were gone and on their way back to New Kensington. Thank goodness for cell phones with cameras allowing many others to capture the moment because all I caught was the flutter of a wing.

But we all had fun and I know the wife was surprised. Then it was time for the reception or the repast. I use those terms because the doves are often used for weddings and special services where food is served afterwards. The husband planned all of this by himself and even bought a big Valentine’s Day sheet cake for everyone to enjoy.

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