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:10—Let’s get the important thing out the way first.  I mean the real important stuff.  No, not the Super Bowl. What the heck do we care!  And no not Pitt or Duquesne basketball.  Judging by the attendance at the last couple games, not many people seem to care about that either.  No,     we’re talking – THE – MOST – IMPORTANT – THING – EVER…the return of the top 25 finest women in the world.  Yeah, I know, you missed it last year and you’re hurting about it, but ease your pain, it’s back and you’re gonna love it.  Yes you will . . . yes you will!!!     (Brought to you by the secluded “man team” that does the selecting.  Nope, don’t ask.  Just     know they’re the best available for the job.)

Heeerrreee we go: 1. Michele Obama, 2. Jennifer Lopez, 3. Halle Berry, 4.Taraji P. Henson, 5.  Deepika Padukone, 6. Beyonce, 7. Kim Kardashian, 8. Kerry Washington, 9. Nicole Scherzinger, 10. Angelina Jolie, 11. Scarlett Johansson, 12. Serena Williams, 13. Rihanna, 14. Alicia Keys, 15. Rosario Dawson, 16. Mila Kunis, 17. Margot Robbie, 18. Sofia Vergara, 19. Gabrielle Union, 20. Vanessa Williams, 21. Jessica Alba, 22. Nia Long, 23. Paula Patton, 24. Eva Mendes, 25. Zoe Saldana. Got a better list?  Text it to me at 412-628-4856 and it better be better!

:09—Whatever the mental problem was in the Pitt locker room, they fixed it.  I told you it wasn’t physical and I told you true players don’t quit.  Evidence the North Carolina and Duke games. Don’t be surprised if they upset the ACC tournament.

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