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A vast number of persons of every ethnic group and gender have made statements that merit repeating and taking action on. A couple of Sundays ago the church bulletin in New Destiny C.M.E. Church carried a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I was not familiar with. However, it was a quote that I had tried throughout my life–boy and man–to live by. It was a quote of such significance that if more of us understood and lived by it there would be an astronomical number of positive changes in our lives and communities. On a multitude of instances there are those of us who asked ourselves why should I do that? There are those of us who run organizations, that receive government grants to keep our doors open, and are reluctant to take a position that might jeopardize their grants. Frequently those who occupy a political position are reluctant to challenge their political bosses when they know the person is wrong. On many occasions persons who have gone to college and now are able to secure employment with a major corporation often think and act like their White co-workers when they have the opportunity to deal with Black clients. I have experienced it personally in my life.

In my early years of purchasing a brand new automobile I went to the dealer and waited for the only “colored” salesman (we were not Black yet) and he eventually turned and said to me, “Go up to the second floor that is where the used cars are.” He demonstrated the same attitude many White salesmen demonstrated. I left and the next day I bought a brand new Chrysler and drove down to his dealership, parked in front and went inside and asked him did he remember me? I admonished him for assuming I came to buy a used car and he apologized by stating he was so busy and he really was not aware of what he had said.

When a couple breaks up and there are children involved, daddy still has a responsibility to provide for the family. Our parents and grandparents are residents of nursing homes. Do you take time and visit them or are you too busy.

Dr. Martin Luther King’s outstanding quote was–and I hope you make it an integral part of your life:

“Why must you do right? Because it’s the right thing to do.”

(Louis “Hop” Kendrick is a contributor to the New Pittsburgh Courier.)


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