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I was sitting at home trying to decide what I was going to do my column on, so I turned on the TV to my usual stations––CNN, MSNBC and FOX News. It was amazing, all the news was about President Donald Trump’s executive orders.

Wow, it was like Showtime at the Apollo, except it was President Trump and his executive orders. There were thousands of protestors in just about every city, at just about every major airport. People of all races.

All presidents have given executive orders, but President Trump has brought it to an all time low, or high, depending on your perspective. He has created total chaos.

Since he took office, he has signed 17 executive orders with the most controversial one being No. 14: Blocking Refugees and all visitors from seven Arab countries, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Somalia and Yemen, from entering the U.S.

I agree that we need to take a closer look at who we allow into our country, we have enough crazies born and raised here; but most of the people blocked had already been vetted by the government. For instance, there were people who worked with the U.S. military as interpreters and had been approved, but were now blocked due to the order.  One such person was freed and allowed in as a result of an ACLU suit; had it not gone that way, he otherwise may have been sent back to Iraq to a sure death. There are still many others awaiting their fate.

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